Friday 11 October 2013

Pazin's monthly market

Last week the first of October fell on a Tuesday and since it was the first Tuesday of the month, we headed over to Pazin for the monthly market, known locally as the Pazin Samanj. Pazin is only 8 kilometres away and the closest town to us.

I did a bit of reading up on the Pazin Samanj and learned that it’s been held since the 1500s! This was an important local agricultural market for a long time. Today there’s all kinds of stuff sold here and people come from all over Istria to sell their wares and to pick up a bargain, meet up with friends and neighbours, or just walk around the market “because there’s nothing else to do around here”, as my father put it.

The market starts in the pedestrian area of the town centre where old objects are sold. I won’t say ‘antiques’ because this was more like a garage sale of second hand things. I saw household items used in times past, like lanterns, clothes irons made of cast iron (like the ones used by the dhobis in India!), a few pieces of old furniture, and Communist-era telephones, clocks and radios. I also saw many ugly porcelain vases and other uninspiring curios and knick-knacks. A stand selling old musical instruments was more interesting.

Most of the market is taken over by stalls selling cheap clothes and shoes and things like tablecloths, bed sheets and towels. There are some fruit and vegetable stalls and others selling local food products like olive oil, jam, honey.

But the original agricultural aspect of the market is still evident today in the many stalls selling farming tools. This also reflects a society which was predominantly agricultural until fairly recently and where people still work the land.

This is also the place to pick up straw brooms, kitchen utensils made of wood...

and hand-woven wicker baskets.

How about a fly swatter?

Or a hat?

A few more objects from times past looking for new owners.

And even cemetery lanterns are on sale.


  1. What a delightful market. I;d love to come one day and take a stroll with you. Ohh and I have never seen a fly swatter look so pretty!

  2. Sure, the next time you need a fly swatter, come to Pazin!

  3. I love a good market and your photos are fantastic!

  4. I like the look of the cemetery lanterns. We do not have them in Australia. Are they used for a particular event at the Cemetery?

  5. Thanks Corinne! These are just ordinary cemetery lanterns, Jan. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. I love the baskets and wooden chopping boards. It's good to see some traditional things still for sale amongst the regular tat. I love a good market and this one certainly looks fun.

  7. In august 2015 when does the market takes place

  8. The Pazin market takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. The next one will be August 4th. See you there!


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