Saturday, 31 May 2014

Markets in Istria

Who doesn’t love a market?

There's a proliferation of supermarket chains everywhere, but markets play an important role in any city or neighbourhood.

Markets are a great way to soak up local colour and feel the pulse of a place.

This is where you can pick up locally-grown produce in the open-air, usually directly from the people who have cultivated it.

Markets are also a meeting place, bringing people together.

Most cities and towns in Istria have a permanent market (tržnica in Croatian) which is usually open daily, or 6 days a week.

But there are also several monthly markets which take place on a determined day in several towns across Istria. At these markets there are not only local farmers selling the fruits of their land but also itinerant traders who sell things like clothes, footwear and household items. I had written about Pazin’s monthly market in a previous post.

Here’s a list of the monthly markets in towns across Istria:

Bale – 2nd Saturday

Barban – 2nd Saturday

Buzet – 1st Friday, 3rd Thursday

Labin – 3rd Wednesday

Motovun – 3rd Monday

Pazin – 1st Tuesday

Rovinj – last Friday

Svetivinčenat – 3rd Saturday

Sveta Nedelja – 1st Thursday

Višnjan – last Thursday

Vodnjan – 1st Saturday

Žminj – every 2nd Wednesday

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  1. we went to many outdoor markets.we went to one in Zagreb daughter bought the UNESCO protected wooden doll there.we treated ourselves to fruits that are rare in India(apricots,various berries).was fun...

  2. Hi Shubha, the one in Zagreb might have been Dolac market, right in the centre of the city. It's strawberry season now so I hope you had some strawberries too!

  3. I love markets, they really are the soul of a city/village/town :)

  4. From reading your blog, I know you're also a fan of markets Catherine!

  5. Dear Madam,
    you have hit the nail when you have said markets are a great way to soak up local colour, feel the pulse of a place, a meeting place, bringing people together! I normally visit the market place first whenever I visit any small towns, especially the Indian villages where every everybody is relaxed, the sellers give a big smile to the people they are used to seeing and not the plastic smile and the nods a urbanite gives! The sweet meats and the fried items are a big no to consume with the flies swarming, not to think of consuming the sugarcane juice with the flies peppered in, but still the villagers go for them because they are immunized from things a urbanite falls for!

    1. Thanks for your comment Srinivas. Nothing beats the hustle and bustle, and the colours of an Indian market!


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