Tuesday 8 May 2018

A peek inside Gračišće's Salamon Palace

I have already written about the Salamon Palace, a building that intrigues many visitors to Gračišće. It was built in 1570 (almost 450 years ago!) in Venetian Gothic style. Sadly, this beautiful palazzo has been abandoned for decades and is slowly rotting away.

During the recent wine fair (held every Easter Monday), one of the ground-floor rooms of the palace was used as a wine cellar. The next day I noticed the doors were left open. I couldn't resist a peek inside, so I grabbed my camera and snuck in.

Inside I found a treasure trove: stone steps, intricate railings, walls painted in beautiful patterns, French doors, Gothic windows, stone sinks, an old-fashioned fireplace, wooden floorboards, Venetian shutters, painted ceilings, a view of the village's main church... oh, and old-fashioned toilets!

This is such an achingly beautiful building and it pains me to see it deteriorate by the day. It would be wonderful if it could be restored with all its period details preserved and transformed into a heritage hotel or a museum. Wishful thinking?

See it for yourself... Take a walk through the Salamon Palace:

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