Saturday 31 October 2015

A village with a view

One of the highlights of our little village is the fabulous view we have. Gračišće is perched on a hilltop at an elevation of 457 metres, and one of the best spots to enjoy a panoramic view is behind St. Vitus Church, the largest church in the village.

This is the view in the summer...

And this is the same landscape painted in Autumn colours (taken today)...

From this vantage point in the churchyard, we can see the Učka, Istria’s highest mountain at 1402 metres, towards the east. We see the village of Gologorica towards the north, and the neighbouring village of Pićan towards the south-east. Further south-east we see the town of Labin, perched on its own hilltop, and the power station at Plomin – where we also see, on clear days, a sliver of the sea.

In the winter, we can see the Julian Alps in Slovenia towards the north, and the Dolomite Mountains in Italy towards the north-west. This happens on clear, sunny days, when the sun reflects off the snow-topped mountains, and the sight is breathtaking. Sorry I don't have a photo of this! But here's one of the sun rising behind the Učka:

Another great spot for spectacular views is from the village’s bell tower. Climb up and take a look.

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Monday 26 October 2015

Autumn colours

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