This Istria abecedary was an attempt to write an A to Z of Istria: for each of the 30 letters of the Croatian alphabet I chose one aspect of Istrian culture, geography, society, architecture or cuisine and wrote a short post. A few letters were challenging, and for the letters Đ and DŽ I came up with nothing at all (if anyone has ideas do let me know!).

A is for Arena

B is for Balun / Bukaleta / Boškarin / Bura

C is for Cukerančići

Č is for Čakavski

Ć is for Ćićarija

D is for Dvigrad


E is for Euphemia

F is for Freske / Fuži

G is for Glagoljica

H is for Harmonika / Histri

I is for Istra / Istrijanski

J is for Jadran / Jugo

K is for Koza / Krasna zemljo / Konoba / Kažun

L is for Lavanda / Loža

Lj is for Ljestica

M is for Maneštra / Mirna / Marenda

N is for Nono

Nj is for Njoki

O is for Otok

P is for Parenzana / Pomalo

R is for Rakija / Roženice

S is for Samanj  / Salamon Palace

Š is for Šparoga

T is for Tovar / Tartufi

U is for Učka / Ulika

V is for Vino

Z is for Zvonik

Ž is for Županski stol

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