Friday 9 July 2021

Closing my window

One of my goals for 2021 was to revive this blog. Several people have asked me to continue with it, or told me they missed reading my posts. You know who you are, and I want to thank you for your encouragement and for being such faithful readers. Some of you have been with me since I started my India blog way back in 2007!

But in the end, I decided that it's time to close my window. For those who have been wondering if I'm still around, yes, I do still live in Istria full-time – when I'm not off travelling somewhere. (Though like many people, I haven't been able to move much in the past year.)

I've decided to stop this blog for the same reasons I haven't updated it in the past three years. Two big reasons: Because Internet habits have changed and in this Instagram age, blogs are now a thing of the past. And mostly because I'm more focused on making a living as a freelance writer and that takes up most of my time. 

This blog will remain online, but I won't renew its domain name once it expires so it will eventually revert to its original link:

I'll also be shutting down the Facebook page associated with this blog, and will direct my followers there to my other Facebook page called Isabel's Window, where I'll be sharing my photography and published articles.

Also I will still be sharing snippets of my life in Istria and my travels on my Instagram page, Isabel's Window

I can be found as @isabelswindow across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – with the image I'm using for this post as the common visual.

Follow me there!

I'm also in the process of setting up my online photography shop. This is taking a lot of time because it takes ages to browse through my vast collection of images, select photos, edit them, upload them, and then add descriptions and tags. But I'm making steady progress!

Finally, if you'd like to read more of my writing, I file away my published work on this online portfolio.

And last but definitely not least, you can follow the adventures of my South Indian cat Squeaky on her Instagram page!

Thank you once again dear readers for visiting my window!

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