Istria (Istra in Croatian) is a heart-shaped peninsula in the Adriatic Sea at the confluence of three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Today most of Istria is situated in Croatia, with a tiny area of its northern tip located in Italy, while a small strip in the north belongs to Slovenia.

It’s impossible to describe Istria without mentioning its rich and varied history. Istria’s original inhabitants were the Histri, an Illyrian tribe. From about the 10th century BC, this region was ruled and governed by several different civilizations, empires and countries. The Romans, the Byzantines and the Venetians all ruled parts of Istria over the centuries and even Napoleon was here for a short time. From 1814, Istria was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for just over 100 years. In between the World Wars, Istria belonged to Italy. From 1945, Istria was part of Yugoslavia until 1991, when Slovenia and Croatia became independent countries.

This historical mix of civilizations and ethnicities makes Istria ethnically and culturally rich and complex. Today the majority of the population is Croatian-speaking, with Italian and Slovenian-speaking minorities. Many Istrians speak more than one of these languages. There’s a strong sense of regional identity and a distinctive dialect of Croatian is spoken here. The region boasts many stunning architectural treasures which are testaments of its Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian past.

The Romans had called it Terra Magica and it’s no surprise why. There are many things about Istria which make it a unique and enchanting place: its scenic landscape of rolling hills, picturesque hill-top villages, medieval fortified towns, lush valleys covered in vineyards, a stunning coastline, and spectacular islands.

Come and discover Istria through my window...


  1. I am looking forward to reading your blog.

  2. I love your blog...joko me pjezo...im istrijon..

  3. Thank you! Dobrodošli na moj prozor!

  4. Your croatian is good.

  5. Baš mi je drago, da sam pronašao ovaj blog. I moja familija je iz Gračišća pa bi mi bilo drago da se nađemo kad naiđem. Mislim, da neće biti teško naći vašu kuću. ;)

    1. Puno hvala! Nadam se da se nađemo uskoro!


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