Friday 13 September 2013

From Bangalore to Gračišće

From the bustling metropolis of Bangalore in South India to a small sleepy village in rural Croatia… the contrasts couldn’t be more striking.

I’ve moved from a city of 9.5 million to a village of maybe one hundred inhabitants. From a country where 65% of the population is under 35, to a village where the average age is probably about 65.

I miss the noise and chaos of Bangalore but savour the peaceful nights filled with starry skies, where the only nocturnal sounds are the crickets chirping and the occasional catfight.

I miss the intoxicating smells of India: fresh jasmine flowers and burning incense. I’m thankful for  the clean country air and the clean tap water which does not need to be purified.

I miss the soft idlis and crispy dosas but appreciate the fresh vegetables our neighbours give us, grown in Istria’s rich red soil.

I miss Bangalore’s vibrant cultural life but take the most amazingly scenic evening walks and marvel at the beautiful landscapes turning golden by the setting sun.

I miss all my wonderful friends in India but am happy to be close to my extended family who have known me since childhood, and my father who lives next door.

Why did we leave India and what are we doing in this tiny village? I explain everything on this page.

With this first post, a new blog begins… here I’ll be sharing my observations of life in a small village in central Istria and our experiences renovating an old house. In the next few weeks, I’ll be taking you around the village and sharing different aspects of life in Istria. 

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