Monday 18 January 2016

Istria abecedary: B is for Balun

Balun is a traditional Istrian dance performed in pairs to music played by traditional instruments. You can see a video here.

B is also for Bukaleta

This is a pitcher made of earthenware that was traditionally used to serve wine at special occasions. Today this is a popular decorative souvenir that's often often personalized with someone's name.

B is also for Bura, a strong, cold wind that blows in the Adriatic.

B is also for Bazga (elderflower).

And B is also for Boškarin, a type of Istrian ox.

(Image Source: Istria Tourist Office)


  1. Is it my imagination or do I see humps on the oxen pictured ? My impression is that it is Asian (Zebu/Brahma) breeds of cattle that have humps - not the European breeds. Could it be that these are a result of cross breeding with Asian strains? After all there are (water) buffaloes, native to Asia, in Italy brought by the Arabs into Sicily.

    1. Hi Raman, I'm not a bovine expert, so I really don't know. But if you do an image search for Boskarin, you'll see that they don't have humps. Thanks for visiting!


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