Friday 8 April 2016

Home sweet home

By the way... yes, I am back home in Istria after spending most of the winter in India, and I will be sharing the local sights and sounds of Istria again, and giving readers a break from the Istria abecedary! From now on, the abecedary posts will continue but will be interrupted with updates about life in Istria.

Also, this month my article on seaside Istria was published in the in-flight magazine of Aer Lingus. The Irish national airline offers flights from Dublin to Pula during the spring and summer tourist season. You can read the article here.


  1. The link to your article doesn't work for me.

    1. Hi Anonymous, Thanks for letting me know. I checked the link and it's not broken.... Could you try another browser or another computer?

  2. Loved reading your article 😊😊😊Hope its good to be home 😊😊

  3. Link is kind of....gets I love the pics...very nice!


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