Tuesday 28 June 2016

Istria abecedary: M is for Maneštra

At the Maneštra Festival in Gračišće

Maneštra is a typical Istrian dish: this is a thick soup, similar to Italian minestrone. Here in the village, there's an annual festival dedicated to this local specialty.

M is also for Mirna

This is the name of Istria's longest river. It has its source at a spring near Buzet, and joins the Adriatic Sea near the city of Novigrad, 53 km away.

The Mirna River (Photo credit: Istria Tourist Board)

M is also for Marenda, a light meal eaten between breakfast and lunch. 

M is also for Motovun, Istria's most photographed hilltop town, and the venue of one of Croatia's best-known film festivals.

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